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nospoon # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm

The situation for women is not especially eas for women today, especially if you want to bein the “top” of the society. I belive the status and the the position of women in the society today is an enourmous problem even though I come from Sweden which is supposed to be one of the more gender equal countries in this world. I currently live in France(Paris) and it seels to be hugely more unequal here. Althoguh there is an certain acceptance of that here that is according to me a bit stronger than in Sweden. The argument that is often taken(which is very hard to defend) is that we are born different and that society has adapted to as our nature is supposed to be.

I do agree that we are born different, such as the different testosteron and estrogen levels, certain brain structure, physological differences ( Some of those are hard to deny although there is a discussion and we might be surprised in the future.

That said, I would like to continue with the shape of society that is not fair, I read recently in “le monde” french newspaper that 97 percent of orchestra leaders are men, okay we might have an innate difference saying that men are more interested in this area of music, but 97 percent, I believe that number is a bit too extreme(you can find those numbers way too often in different parts of society). This life might be a bit hard to endure, but I can tell you to see these differenties even if they do not hurt me directly are highly hurtful.

About makeup, I prefer every women so far until today without makeup of whom I have seen with and without, okay I can sometimes add another effect, I do not think it should be standardised for that. It is too symbolic for me, loss of time, consumption (in a certain way less necessary according to me), norms and most of all if you decide to go without have in mind that according to your “reason” it is possible to live a good life without makeup and that the people you meet whom does not like your action can be people that did not turn out to be so important, that people who can “reason” can as well distinguish “social conditioning” and see how you are avoiding something that might be unnecessary in our society.

There are more men like me who try, maybe not as good as we can, at least a little bit to think and change what is within our short reach.

You are not alone.