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Ayat # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 11:56 pm


Firstly let me say in context that i am a male who doesn’t exactly adhere to the presupposed idea of masculinity, and I think what you have expressed is the effects of a set of clashing identities.
for example, there is the concept of ‘femininity’ (the opposing comparison being: masculinity) in which a general set of traits are attributed to a female personality. the guidelines to this mode of observation usually entitles some form of ‘nurturing’ ‘gentleness’ and ’empathy’. Sexual Objectification/ Appeal is tied to this concept as well.
As a foundation of society’s ‘idea’ of the ‘image’ women portray, this can lead to women being the target of many generalized concepts of ‘beauty’. Therefore a social conditioning is formed in which the subject adapts to the environment or rather, a social environment.
Sure while both sexes are targeted by a set standard of ‘gender roles’ in western civilization, women have consistently been the objects of repressions in their individuality.
It is no wonder that in a civilization that largely does not know the difference between one’s ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ has such an unhealthy effect on its populations sexuality and sense of uniqueness.
I think that just as there are similarities in the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, there are similarities in traits of femininity and masculinity contrary to popular belief. however you may take the above statement in anyway you desire. it is just an observation of mine.
i think it is the simple fault of a society (over time) attempting to develop a generalized ‘gender identification’ system of recognition. It seeks to shape the very Identity of the individual in todays terms through the barrage of propaganda that has seeped into the very realities of our perception.
To re-instate my idea used at the beginning, i would suggest that you are trying to sort out is whats real in your identity as a human being and what is perceived (by outside forces) to be your identity. i can only compare it to an observation i made about cake; how much is just ‘icing’ and how much is the actual ‘cake’ ?
I am not at all trying to guide you into rejecting any concept of beauty in society and swearing off lipstick/makeup. i happen to enjoy dressing up as androgynous and putting on makeup for its aesthetic quality.
And to answer your question above, i do not think that being a women sucks. just as there are temperature changes in the seasons, will there be positives and negatives in our experiences as people in this world. certainly our gender roles have this. but they can be shaped by you just as they have been shaped by others. i think it is possible to be proud of one’s gender in whatever way they see fit. it is a hard thing to do however, when many who are ignorant or misunderstanding of such actions lash out. but it is an important piece of one’s personality and i would rather have it be me as i see me (faults and all) instead of someone else’s version of me.
My intention is purely to encourage a questioning mind to seek understanding in its surrounding environment.
sorry i kinda wrote a lot of stuff. im prone to passionate outbursts. hope it helps you in some way