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Chance # Posted on October 31, 2013 at 7:28 am

I know it’s hard to be a woman, I’m very sorry that you feel held back by this sick and uninformed society. I do as well but on the other end. I honestly loathe the fact that we have to play a ridiculous game with the other sex in order to be closer together, it seems arbitrary to me. I really don’t know why but that aspect of this life feels very wrong deep inside sometimes it’s hard to feel human when all of that comes naturally for the others. On the inverse of what your saying I would honestly go to great lengths to have women look at me the way men do to you when you go out. It really really hurts to feel unwanted and unappreciated and even though I’m still quite young it feels like I’ll never find that someone compatible with me, girls of today like to be entertained yet I like to read and learn etc idk what to do. I guess it’s bad all over, we all are in pain I hope yours is soothed soon :)