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inna # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 9:27 am

@haileyhuber, okay, you clearly have unresolved beef with cheerleaders and are projecting that over society as a stereotype, a form of prejudice. There’s no reward for what you’re thinking unless you make it so, and it would feel just as unaccomplished unless you apply your power. There’s nothing wrong with wanting the simpler pleasures in life, but going to the extreme of avoiding any deep thought like the characters you describe do is pretty close to going to the other extreme of scoffing at anything or anyone somewhat unrelated to constant performace of deep analysis. Lots of scientists, artists, thinkers, philosophers, researchers have french manicures and are married. Lots of things would interfere with deep thought – its up to you to manage your time and values in life. And, it is up to you to choose what would make you happiest. “Normal” lifestyle is pursued because it is common things that make people feel fulfilled and there’s no need to eliminate the basics unless you feel you need to. Its kind of like good food makes you feel well, so people spend more time and effort on it, same with fulfilling employment or relationship, teaching a human mind from scratch, etc. It doesn’t necessarily make people less progressive at their deep thinking, and it has the very real possibility of enriching it.
Something peculiar that you said is that you fear being happy through that lifestyle – sort of implies that if you were to give up your pursuit, you’d still find happiness in something. I urge you to think about it because maybe you’re locking yourself out of something by making it missing just because its something shallow thinkers do. You can file your nails and still consider the ancient aliens. The girls you describe are possibly get the vibe that you go with your mind to places and spaces they’re afraid to poke into, so they never open that can of worms and envy you, misunderstand you, try to lower your lifestyle pursuits by sticking to normalcy as the ultimate morality code for life.
Honestly, I think you just need a new set of people to socialize with whose lifestyle makes sense to you, thats all.