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Fernando # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 12:19 pm

@ejwoodcox, Good question. I think we should consider the fact that everyone has this will to understand our existence, consciously or unconsciously. If we actually do that, it won’t change much, as far as we have been trying do to it so for centuries, but in separate spheres.

We are so concerned about the truth, about what is real, what is not real, what is the meaning of everything, that we create this parallel world of words, symbols and labels and all of our dissonance spins around this world, because we often have different symbols, or words, or labels for the same thing, and we argue which one is better, who has the better answer, or the better question. I truly think we don’t have to ‘understand’ our existence, because our existence isn’t something to be put in words, and ‘understanding’ something isn’t more than putting it other words. We’re just confusing the map with the territory. Once we stop looking for more words to explain our existence, maybe we will come back to the real thing, Life. As it is. Not how it is supposed to be.