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Josh # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 10:46 am

@tine, I am not sure what that would do. But I dont see it harming anything or making things worse than they are. It would make it much easier for the people that travel thats for sure.

, The fact that there is so much to consider is mind boggling. I feel whoever makes it into office next needs to sit back and say “If we were at square 1, day 1, throw all laws out the window, forget about all the lobbysits and special interested groups. What do we put in place to keep this a world economy sustainable for so far into the future we cannot fathom a time more distant.” We know that there are sustainable ways of generating energy, producing food etc. Its all the bullshit loopholes, red tape and shit that has fucked us. We need to essentially start at 0 without having to actually go into a depression or whatever. I dont know if that is something anyone is capable or brave enough to do but its a must.