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Amazingbonz # Posted on January 22, 2013 at 6:44 pm

Thanks for all of the responses!
@td0034, @mikem, @adamm0ss, one of my problems is that I’m limited to dorm food currently so all meats that I eat are going to be very processed and i don’t have a kitchen in my room.

@sarahblum327, @ameevee, yeah I think I’m still going to eat fish as well. Just want to make sure I can get enough nutrients. After a month I was thinking about just cutting my meat intake to a small amount, and only sticking to healthier meats. I’m just curious about how a month without it will make me feel.

@edwardbernays, I’m curious as to how my body will feel and react to it. I’m a guy, but I’ll still have to watch my essential nutrients to avoid any problems.