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TheSkaFish # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Drop the negativity/inferiority complex/paranoia bs. Avoid politics and the news and anything too serious or negative. Get a good attitude about life and treasure each day you don’t have to work. You will miss that dearly. Listen to ska-punk, it makes a lot of sense at this age and it’s fun. But be wary of any such album that came out after 1999. Keep making up fiction like I did before, keep that love for making up stories alive. This link to childhood play is crucial. Don’t be a pushover but do be friendlier. Don’t be afraid to throw a few punches even if it gets you in trouble, sometimes you just have to. Don’t worry about not being seen as “nice”, they deserve a good beating. Take care of your health, use the free gym at school. Don’t make friends with deadbeats, they waste your time and don’t provide intelligent, inspiring company you really need. Weed is a timewaster and gets boring quickly. In fact don’t smoke anything. Masturbation is also dumb, best to just pass on this as well. Don’t sweat not coming from money, because if you want something anything can be yours for the taking. Groom yourself, it’s not being a suck-up to others, it really works. Night and day, man. The secret to girls is first leading an interesting life yourself, but don’t worry about that too much cause there’s really no one around here that has what you want anyway. Keep reading, a lot. Find things to get EXTREMELY interested in and stick with it, you will thank me, or you, in 10 years. And don’t be so quick to grow up!