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Eric # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 4:19 pm

@nwine, Thank you :)

@connerj93, I’ve found the answer is that there is no answer. So when looking for truth, just look to yourself. The more we search externally, the more we lose hope because there is nothing to be found. The moment we look (not search) internally is the moment it all makes sense…or won’t at all. :P

@zencowboy, For sure. A couple of days ago I smoked an insane amount of weed and at one point I was talking about how this moment, everything, was like the bag scene in American Beauty :

After that, when I was laying down, I literally felt like I was in a vortex, or I guess I was a vortex and everything is. A singularity. Time is always now, always here, always still. And yet, it keeps flowing, keeps being “sucked” away. It was almost too intense, but still enjoyable. I could “feel” the room around me as well. Still can if I meditate enough whilst sober.