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Anonymous # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 4:54 pm

@blankey, For some reason this resonates well with me; We all know we are energy. If everything is energy we are part of the everything and at the same time we are everything. So what you said here, “We are simply a result of the universe trying to observe itself.” is very accurate. We are pretty much “god” experiencing itself in a limited way. Imagine if you were god like Alan Watts said you would eventually get bored of being god and want to play not god. I like to look at this reality as a virtual one. One that wasn’t programmed but evolved into what it is, that is why it is so detailed. Opposed to a programmed reality like The Sims which, we haven’t reached the level of intricacy we have in this reality. So another example would be the Sims character’s they are part of the game but they are also the whole game and what is controlling the game in this case the engine which is invisible to them because it is outside their reality. Just like it is to us. So in short we are Consciousness experiencing itself in physical form.