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Goglosh # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 7:56 pm

We are simply a result of the universe trying to observe itself.

That’s old, yet always new. Just a handful of sentences can overwhelm me the way this one does.
This is how I see it
There is this “reverse entropy” by which I mean the universe actually arranges itself to a higher order. From cosmic dust to galaxies, suns and planets, all the way through unicellular life forms to mammals and finally humans, the universe does all this in some sort of evolutionary process to achieve it’s final goal: humanity.
But is there an “intelligent” reason the universe acts this way? I say: perhaps. I’m not even talking a god, (although I do believe) but something else: genetic algorithms.
In Computer Science (a branch of mathematics really) a cellular automaton is an n-dimensional array in which every element can be either of x states, changing it according to it’s own state and those of the elements that surround it. Obviously the universe is far more complex than Conway’s Game of Life, but I think it could be something similar in essence.
Universality in CS is when a simple set of rules (such as those applicable to a Cellular Automaton) can be arranged to do any computation possible. Conway’s Life and the Turing Machine are examples of this, as well as your PC.
And a genetic algorithm is the process of arranging a string of data (a chromosome) in such a way that it leads to a purpose. In biology it’d be plain survival, but why not take a wider look and think about it as “the ability to reason”?