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Anonymous # Posted on January 24, 2013 at 6:05 pm

@dd23 agreed, the issue with that is its gonna take an entire economic and social meltdown for that to pass. thats what im banking on.

@xavv world doesnt look too good but you have a supreme lack of faith, which isnt entirely unwarranted. ill agree with you its bad but your view of how bad is based off where you look for information. I tend believe in people more than i usually should, in the end its how i choose to be.
As far as universal consciousness, you wont find that in any science class. If you really want to know about it you can find out about it, and even access it in way you would never imagine. But thats another thing topic that takes a touch of faith, if you don’t want to believe it thats fine too, i assure you your life will go on as is.