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Z B # Posted on August 10, 2012 at 11:09 am

@theequinox89, yea dude, i get you. I’ve been doing this mirror meditation since i was like 19 where you look in your right eye in the mirror and chant “yod he vau he”, basically feels like ur tripping out, or at least i do, the more things change the more you focus on the center of your right eye. It developes into sort of, “a way of seeing”, if your on acid and you look at someone with this “way of seeing things”, its is FUCKING NUTS, cant really explain it, but best i could is its kinda like people look like picasso paintings of what you consider yourself to be, its kinda creepy, everything is just what big geometrical blob. can only speak for myself tho :p
@kaciula, reminds me of Be Here Now by Ram Das when he is talking about being the experiencer vs. the experience. i feel like im not done being the experiencer too but lately ive been asking myself why a lot because when I look back when I first started to see this and I said “I’m not done yet”, I just feel like would be more worth it to end the suffering, but I dont know :p I feel like a walking contradiction
@santi, Totally dude, makes sense on many different levels, just always gotta trust that silent inner voice :D
@collinsj2009, Downloading it now :)