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twoshoe # Posted on August 12, 2012 at 10:08 pm

We are all going somewhere. We are going to do something, to be something, to find something; the “going to” is endless. We are by nature, by culture, by circumstance “going to” and we have no control. It is the very life within us that makes each of us take the next step, move on to something perceived in the moment. In the moment we long for the next: the next moment, the next step, the next answer. We are being driven by an unknown driver blinded by fog and myst. “Going to” is the constant, the inevitable, the next breath. The only way to cease “going to” is to cease living …. but then we cannot be sure that even death is the end of “going to” since no one has ever returned to tell us what to expect after our physical life ceases.