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Scarlet Wall-flower # Posted on October 18, 2013 at 7:10 pm

Well. Im christian (with….a different out look) and the bible says man was made in his image. So god looks…like every body. We all have it. Little shards of us. So god can be who ever he wants to get his point across. What ever speaks to the person individually.
I often say “my god is the god of science and mystery” so ive dreamed god was a scientist, and ive dreamed he was sherloch holmes. I also view him as an artist. Ive dremt him with a smock and one of those spinning pottery wheels, pumping it around as he molds an animal. She he sets it on the ground, throws it into the air, sets it into water and it …comes to life. Ive drempt him put trees together one atom at a time. Combineing art and science. Ive drempt him be a woman…some times i dream im up in the clouds of a storm over the ocean and he is “conducting the thunder” like an orcestra with two twigs.and i looked down the eye of the storm and watched the wave tussle and dance and play.

Some times i dream god is a animal…or plant. Ive spoken to trees like they were companions because by the design of science, god made that tree.
God has no form, so god is every form.