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DANM!! # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 8:12 am

Today I was standing on a 15 foot wall and jumping into the ocean water in a small clear spot where there was no coral and that I did a few times before. I was ready to push myself. As I stood on top of the wall I decided I would jump and front flip in the air! I visualized it and getting past all the doubts and being scared (and scarred lol) I just.. jumped, and at that point it didn’t matter how bad it would hurt, if I landed over the coral or upside down, because now I did it anyway and was in the air fully present and alive. I landed pretty painfully but felt too good to care that much lol! Then did it a few more times a lot better each time. I have similar experiences to you occasionally, thinking you are gonna hurt yourself or fail badly and then living or showing yourself what you are truly capable of however it went is pretty surreal. :)