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Gates # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 3:31 am

I have the same feeling sometimes (I think everybody does). Whan I started to think about it I came to the conclusion that I was not clear to all the people (friends, collegaes etc) around me. And that’s why I felt disconnected. If you don’t enjoy things but keep on doing them, you lose motivation for everything.

Do the people around you know that you feel this way? I think not… Share you’re (pos / neg) view with others, just tell about you’re feelings and you’ll see thing clearer, you might get a new perspective…..It is satisfying to be totally honest and to get an honest advice

So tell people around you what you feel because if you don’t you’re expectations are not at the same level, and then you will not get satisfaction, and then you become a nihilist. You value nothing anymore because you don’t interact about the things that truly matter to you… you don’t want that…