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Anonymous # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 4:03 pm

@tangerinesky624, I, too, recently began a new semester of schooling (classes started today in fact). I’ve as well struggled with this topic you’ve brought up. First and foremost, make sure you are expressing yourself in the particular manner in which you’d like to be seen. (Most people do this subconsciously, but at times, I’ll find myself caving in to laziness. As a result, I may be giving off an image I’m not myself proud of…an image surely noticed by those around me [this I remind myself with, whether or not it is always true.])

“We are believed to be that which we choose to reveal.”

OK, so once you’ve identified your demeanor and tampered with it enough to be content, look for ways/places to surround yourself with those most similar to yourself. For example, if you’ve a penchant for helping others, perhaps look to join volunteer organizations, or, if you like to party, well, you know what to do lol ;) An easier way to be around those at least (somewhat) similar to yourself is to pick courses delicately enough so to be with pupils mirroring each other’s life/educational aspirations. I myself am a sophomore, and since I’ve gotten the majority of gen ed’s out of the way, I am free to take more specific, and more relevant classes. Through these classes, I am able to be around those whom align more closely with my own educational goals. You can use these instances to your advantage, so long as you recognize them. Let your surroundings and setting dictate the topic of conversation. Ease into conversation, and do not attempt to rush into profound topics. If you’re in class you’re exceptionally fond of, participate earnestly, and others will notice your particular intrigue in the course. Notice others who eagerly participate. Seek these people out (if it be your will to). Build upon conversation procreated through the classroom, do so especially AFTER and OUTSIDE the classroom. Such interactions will almost always be remembered, appreciated, and most importantly, fun.

Okay, so this probably did not suffice as an adequate response to your inquiry, but I felt compelled to help out in a way I could do so. Moral of the story, manipulate your circumstances so that you are around those whom share interests with you. Identify those whom speak words that stimulate your heart and or mind. Seek these people out, and build upon conversations you’ve both experienced.

You’ve my best wishes, Kayla. =)