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Manimal # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 1:17 pm

Manimal is the name of the alter persona I created, the creature I became, the ego I tamed. It’s also the name of the group I lead.

It’s easy to assume that it’s just a combination of man and animal, but that’s not even half of it. There’s much more to the word “manimal.”
First of all, the original meaning of animal is important; ani (breath/spirit) + mal (flawed,) with the m changing the meaning to “the man-made flawed spirit.” The m is also the symbol of “maso” AKA the material world. Take away the first and last letter and you’ve got “anima.” Imal is the phonetic spelling of how english-speakers pronounce my first name, Man is what I am.
Mani is “lotus flower” in Tibetan, and “dick” in Persian. “Man i mal” means “man in grinder” in Swedish. “Mani” also implies a multitude in English. Reading the name backwards you get laminam, “lami” means “to taste/lick” in some languages while “nam” is onomatopoetic for the sound one makes while eating something tasty.
The original meanings of my first name (Emil) and my middle name (Elion) when combined form another meaning, which can also be found in the word “manimal.”

Read letter by letter, each letter as the word/concept that letter reprents, in Greek you find a very profound meaning. Using the same method with Hebrew you get another equally profound meaning. In cabalistic code, yet another one. All three can be reversed to reveal a new set of hidden meanings.
On top of that, each letter represents one of the seven cornerstones of the Manimal order, created and led by me.

There are many more such hidden messages in the name, but they would require long explanations so I left them out.

Elion is my middle name. It’s the middle name of all the males in my father’s bloodline since many, many generations back, I have no idea why. But I like the name a lot.
The name is of ancient Hebrew origin, meaning “God most high” (in the mental/spiritual meaning. The maso/physical meaning is “upper brain.”)

There you have the origin of my username.

I AM the Manimal.