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DaJetPlane # Posted on August 26, 2012 at 8:02 am

Definitely have had issues with sleep, but for me it’s my thought processes and paranoia that keep me awake. It has gotten to the point where I leave some sort of low volume program on now on my computer to distract me because if my mind goes too far in a certain direction I am totally inhibited and have trouble getting to sleep that entire night.

I just sometimes get into these really sensitive subjects, I guess. My mind will start by wandering but then quickly accelerate toward darkness, paranoia, fear, anxiety, etc….physically, I have actually noticed a few times where my heart rate was elevated by this spiral, but it’s nothing that cripples me…but it certainly is shocking.

No, I have enough distraction day-by-day to cover over the guilt factor it would seem…but maybe I don’t. When my thoughts turn in on themselves it usually only matters which topic I touch on first that shapes the spiral for that night.

I don’t take any medicines, don’t want to, don’t believe I need to…but I definitely think my experiences are unique compared to those around me.