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TheZinc # Posted on June 3, 2012 at 3:20 am

I would be one of the many on the site, I identified instantly with the personality type when first introduced to it. I’ll focus on the negatives that I have come to notice within myself. I tend to be an idealistic theorist and avoid reality even though I am perfectly capable of it (I still believe we can change our ways an reach a state of planetary utopia), I’m viewed as an eccentric by many of my peers, though most love me for it. Terrible at emotions, though I’m improving, tend to come off as an asshole since I don’t take emotions into consideration and I avoid socializing even though I do put in a lot of energy to seem sociable (I try to be fluid). Dealing with others, I find long periods of socializing extremely draining. I am clueless when woman are attempting to seduce me and tend to miss all the “hints” and yet I have this strong intuitive sense of everything that is going on around me and can see peoples most intimate sides (thoughts and emotions without knowing them too well) which seems to freak people out.