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rebeccabuttons # Posted on March 27, 2013 at 9:28 pm

You two arguing is so ridiculous, I might vomit.

It is not physically possible for seminal fluid, composed of sperm cells, fructose and whatever else, to travel from your prostate, testes and seminal vesicles, combine in your ureter, and then travel back up a nonexistent tube into your spinal column, mix with your spinal fluid, and have the sperm swim upwards and float around by your brain. Just No. It’s called human anatomy.
Sure, it is possible to orgasm without ejaculation, and the website that @tothemax92 posted mentions the ENERGY from semen flowing up the spinal collumn, turning into chi and mixing with your brain. ENERGY, not physical semen. And that is entirely possible because chi is not a physical fluid. You can’t puncture your chi vessel and have internal leaking that would require surgery. Changes in energy and all that good stuff can give you feelings of cold or whatever running up your spine, I do not doubt you can sexually transmute, but your actual sperm has no way of getting to your brain, nor any purpose.

Now, if the various products of semen were broken down by your body, into simple sugars or whatever, and then turned into spinal fluid, then yes, those atoms and molecules that once formed the structure of a sperm cell now compose spinal fluid. But saying that is like saying the water you drink now could be part dinosaur pee because they both contain oxygen atoms…