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Zhaetur # Posted on March 28, 2013 at 7:07 pm

@kahlib, I understand your point, but at the same time I’d like to refute a few of the article’s claims

1. Prevents Cancer
This article sums it up quite nicely, if your body isn’t as sexually active (ie you’re older) then it helps, otherwise it just causes an increase in prostate cancer specific cells.

2. Makes you harder
While this does make sense, kegel excercises provide a more direct benefit to dick strength.

3. Helps you last longer
There’s two sides to this one, one one hand if you haven’t masturbated in a while you’ll last longer than if it’s been weeks since the last solo session. However if you masturbate daily you may have difficulty obtaining an erection with a chick. There’s a lot of stuff online about porn desensitization (I know porn isn’t the issue here but generally these two go hand in hand) that can lead to impotence at a young age.Google nofap or fapstronauts to get an idea of this, it should take you to a reddit page.

4. Ups your immunity
This is anecdotal but I’ve become sick the day after I masturbate. While correlation doesn’t equal causation it is something to think about. Eastern teachings view ejaculation as the body turning all of its energy into the seed of life, and as a result the body is weakened shortly after. Most people get lazy after masturbating and usually sit around (this is more common if you masturbate more often, it’s like you’re “out of fuel”). Personally I notice I get lethargic as shit and am generally less fun to be around.

5. Boosts mood
The article says this happens because of the dopamine spike from masturbation. Masturbating fucks up your dopamine receptors by giving them large stimulus for doing nothing productive. Dopamine rewards you for doing something significant; however, masturbation is kind of a loophole since sex isn’t happening but your body doesn’t fully know that. Constantly fucking with your dopamine levels can lead to all kinds of fun things. Here’s a list of them.

In summation I’m not saying that masturbation shouldn’t be done, but one should realize there are pros and cons to it. If you want a bigger picture read the book “the Multiorgasmic Man”
Also it’s a pretty good read if you want to have sex or masturbate for hours ;)

@manimal if you’ve anything to add it would be greatly appreciated, I remember you knowing quite a bit about this subject