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kayjaman # Posted on August 13, 2012 at 5:38 am

Opticians and Ophthalmologists are making the big bucks , selling prescription eye-glasses to millions of people around the world,

Many of you do not know that prescription eye-glasses are just like a “crutch” for our eye sight. wearing eye glasses can make our vision even worse.

Whether you want to improve your eyesight or want to heal any of your diseases…….you will always find money driven people at the top, who steer us in the wrong direction and make you belief that they are the saviors.

Now a days it is “normal” wearing eyeglasses… a very high percentage of people wear glasses or in other words “have some form eye diseases” (now imagine) “All the people who are wearing eyeglasses are diseased”

I have seen many of the Optician and ophthalmologist wear EYEGLASSES…. Is there no CURE for the diseases of the eyes…. A child who may be around 12 or less complains of headaches, he takes him to a doctor and the doctor tell you that the headache maybe caused by eyesight… you go an Optician (eyeglass seller…That should be the right word)… and he does some test and says can be rectified by eyeglasses….. next another year…. you have to visit the Optician again…. was it rectified…? you need to have eyeglasses with more “power”………….. your eyesight has become poorer by the year……. you may have to use lenses that are so thick….. imagine how thick…

The cure…..

We know that our body rejunavates within certain time line ranging from a few hours to one year…

Billions of new cells are being produced every moment to replace old cells. the eye you have now is not the eye you had one year ago…..

The blood is the supplier of all the oxygen. water and food ……Our blood depends on this to upkeep our body….

The air is good ,the water is good , food…… the best .. no one will settle for less

the culprit is the SELF… we are not really helping the body to digest ……we simply stuff food into our mouth… then into the stomach…. then while eating we drink some liquids, colas. fruit juices(fruits are to eaten whole) , This liquids simply dilute the hydrochloric acid that is vital in the digestion process..

Real quality digestion does not happen….. the nutrients needed by blood could not be supplied by the intestines….. The repair process of the cells will be halted. ( when you are repairing a building you don’t have cement….)

So all our organs repairing process is done slowly when the needed nutrients are available….

Exercise your eyes ..

look the edge of your nose for a moment then focus on a far away can do this anytime anywhere…