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Galactimus the Tang Slayer # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 3:27 pm

I, myself, don’t hate to be alone. I actually like it. Being around people for too long makes me hate them, so I always have to come up with excuses to not see them unless I actually do want to hate them. And I don’t care if people are judging me either. It’s just the fact that because they see someone at a table alone, they generally give some weird looks or think that’s weird. I definitely agree with the social outcast idea.
And @flyingrhino, it’s not isolation, per se. I know about that kind of stuff from psychology, more of what I meant was I’d rather sit outside and read a book rather than follow people around because I don’t want to be left by my lonesome.
And @beyond, I agree with your point about contact after being alone being nice. I guess being alone preserves the positive emotions associated with connecting with someone and creating relationships.