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Mitch # Posted on August 25, 2012 at 4:29 pm

@galactimus, Socially speaking it is not normal to eat alone, or sit outside alone. But in reality it is quite normal. Right now i am sitting in my room typing this by myself. Is it weird for me to do that? Not at all, because society tells us its not. It seems strange to eat alone in college when everyone else is eating with friends, but is it really any different then eating by your self at home? Not at all.

Companionship is a huge part of our lives. The need to be with people goes back thousands of years when it was easier to survive with people then on your own. This is ingrained into our minds so we think its strange to see someone by themselves especially in places where it is not normally seen.

So in hindsight yes you will be judged, people will look at you weird but eventually everyone who is doing the judging will be eating alone one day so it really doesnt matter.