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MonkeyZazu # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 3:04 am

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Thanks for your replies and opinions. I’m pretty tired and it’s pretty late, so I might not cover everything. Basically I’m seeing:

– It shouldn’t be mandatory
– It should be mandatory
– There should be universal health insurance, similar to a tax
– You never know whats going to happen tomorrow
– Just the government trying to control us, get more money
– Government trying to help us
– Wouldn’t want to support people who don’t need it
– Alot of Skafish, hehe :)

To further express my own opinion, I feel its more important to prevent illnesses and injuries than it is to tend to them. That’s somewhat my main quarrel with this. How is mandatory health insurance helping to reduce sickness and improve health? If more and more people are going to hospitals in which a mandatory health insurance bill comes about, we should put more focus on what’s sending them there and not so much on reassuring that they will have a cheaper bill when they get there.

Like I said before, if this was a mandatory nationwide health insurance “tax” that helped everyone with their medical bills, I would be ok with it. That actually helps everyone. But the way it currently is, the people who can’t afford health insurance aren’t getting help with their medical bills and are being penalized if they don’t have it. Plus that article that @linds posted about hospitals who tend to uninsured patients will be fined? That’s fucked up. So me paying a monthly bill so that I, someone who rarely goes to the hospital, will have cheaper medical expenses is nonsense. I’d rather pay for someone else who actually needs it.

For the people who suggest that you never know whats going to happen tomorrow, I kinda have really good idea of whats going to happen though. The possibility of me getting injured or becoming sick is far less than the probability that tomorrow will be the same as it has been, injury free. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the “what ifs” and possibilities, but the possibility that anything could happen tomorrow is too tiny to justify a mandatory health insurance. If this possibility was larger than probability of tomorrow being the same, I would probably stay in my house all day because of the fear of anything being very likely to happen.