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Ray Butler # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 8:17 am

@monkeyzazu, We need food to survive but that’s not free, we need shelter and cloths, again not free. A society is full of people and necessary things that people have to acquire are opportunities for work and to make a living for others.

I like the idea of having a standard market for needs, where the entire market is unified and the things required for basic survival are subsidized by everything else. So you have luxury items, or higher quality products increase in price so as to pay the people who provide the basic needs a fair wage for their time and effort.

But then the companies that provide non essential products and services complain that they are losing business due to the mark up in the price of what they provide. The thing is it wouldn’t change that much about society because people may find certain things more expensive but to compensate there would exist a range of things that are cheaper, even free.

It is not so much about creating a welfare state, I think people should have basic survival as a fundamental human right, but also society is obliged to provide the tools to its citizens that will make them productive. You cannot expect to leave dirt in the dirt and expect it to become something more on its own will, you have to add that water(education, etc.) turn it into clay and mould it to a useful form and set it.

Society should neither be a welfare state or an every man for himself state, every man for himself is an oxymoron when you place it in the same sentence as “society”. So there should be a line somewhere, a line that people deserve on one side and on the other they have to earn, deciding what belongs where is the ultimate question that conservatives and liberals are divided over.