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TheSkaFish # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 9:40 am

I mean, I never thought I’d find myself on the side of hardcore Republicans like the governors mentioned in the infographic. And yet, here I am. I mean, from where I stand, this just looks like insurance companies being greedy fucks again, always looking for ways to bleed regular folks dry, always looking to make sure people who are down stay down. If there’s a lot of me on this thread it’s cause it hits close to home. I’m sick of getting preyed upon by these bastards, and everyone else.

I’d feel better about all this if someone could explain though, how this won’t be one more nail in the coffin, how this won’t help to all but guarantee that I will be poor for the rest of my youth and the rest of my life, period. Paying an extra $1200 a year could have bought me courses at community college to get more qualifications and thus a better, higher paying job where I could actually buy insurance through work, could have helped me buy a more fuel-efficient car faster (I live in a big suburb where things are not close and public transit is only good if you are going to the actual city, it’s pretty shitty for anything else), could help me buy better quality food so I don’t have to eat food full of salt and carcinogens. An extra $1200 a year could also help me save up enough to move out of my parents’ house and on with my life. Because of this, if I don’t find employer offered insurance I must continue to live here, or I suppose I could live in my car but I’m a non-criminal college graduate and Im going to be living in a car, what the fuck is that?!?! If you can’t get a full time job, this is punishment for existing. I mean, with this new expense on top of everything else, people in the working poor won’t be able to afford to see a doctor anyway so I don’t get it?

So if anyone can tell me how a person making barely anything at all can actually start saving money, or looking for new skills, or start building a life even with this extra expense, I’m all ears. In my last “real” job, I made $28K a year working 40 hrs a week. That’s less than a grand every 2 weeks. The only, only, only reason I was able to save money at all was because I lived at home rent-free. If I didn’t, I would have been completely and utterly fucked. This is what I’m getting at.