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Anonymous # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 11:59 am

@theskafish, it’s not an “extra” $1200 if it hasn’t been saved in the first place. You keep talking about what you could do like community college courses etc but seriously, why the fuck haven’t you done it already, then? The $1200 hasn’t kicked in yet. You have time. You never used the time, nor the money, before this tax is implemented in the ways you lust over so there no point bitching and moaning about what you could have done in the future with those resources.
You don’t need a cellphone. You don’t need a $30 monthly cell bill. Do it on prepay or something and I’m sure you can get a plan that costs <$15 a month. Less even. You don’t need to pay for internet. Public Libraries have this shit accessible to you throughout the day usually at no cost whatsoever. Pick one or the other, cellphone or internet – you don’t need both. You don’t need a car. You’ve got feet, you’ve got a bike, you’ve got public transport. You can get from A to B you just need to plan your day. Essentially, that’s the thing. Planning. We spend too much grocery shopping because we don’t have a definitive list as to what we need. We don’t plan our weekly meals so a lot of the contents of our cupboards are getting old/unuseable because we haven’t planned a way to use them. Bulk buying and farmers markets are your friends. We pay for and maintain a car because we aren’t waking up 30 minutes earlier to be able to account for public transport transit times.

universal healthcare is preventative in a way. If you don’t have insurance, you don’t go to the doctors because it costs too much. Whatever is the issue escalates until you’re forced to be in a hospital on the brink of life and death with a $80 000 bill because you couldn’t afford to go to the $80 doctor appointment when your pneumonia was just a cough.

For the record @ijesuschrist your arm and leg call was a good one.