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TheSkaFish # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 1:52 pm

@francina, “You don’t need a cellphone. You don’t need a $30 monthly cell bill. Do it on prepay or something and I’m sure you can get a plan that costs <$15 a month."

I already do this. I've already gotten rid of my old phone and switched to a prepaid phone. I essentially communicate entirely by Internet now anyway.

I have not gone back to school because I want to take time to make a choice that’s right for me, instead of spending more money and more time on something I don’t even like, which is only going to take me further away from my dreams. I’ve done this twice now already.

The whole car thing, I'm planning to sell my not-so-fuel efficient fun car and get a fuel efficient beater as soon as possible. I hardly drive it anyway so there's no point in having it anymore. But where I live, things are spaced so far apart that you do in fact need a car. The suburbs are planned on the assumption that adults have cars. The only public transportation worth a damn around here is the Metra train line which goes to Chicago. Other than that, you do need a car otherwise you will be spending all of your free time walking and biking everywhere. It's not just 30 minutes, it would be all day. And even if it was, that's 30 extra minutes to do something that actually enriches my life, makes my life worth living. And having no Internet? I’m sorry but no, just no. I'm not lowering my standard of living so painfully frugal that life has no enjoyment anymore. I want to be on the Internet later than the library is open, in my own home, with my things. I'm not whining that because of Obamacare I won't be able to afford a McMansion and a brand-new Lambo….I'm saying because of this, I and lots of people just like me may never know a better life than living paycheck to paycheck, existing just to pay bills – seriously what the fuck? What kind of life is that, especially if you haven’t done anything wrong like crime or wasting away on hard drugs? That's exactly what I went to school for, to avoid that fate. After being told all our lives "oh just do this and everything will be okay. Just make it through high school without doing anything stupid. Just tough it out through college and everything will be fine. Just wait your turn and you too will get your way someday. It's hard now but it gets better later." Now I come to find out, later actually means never. That's why I'm so angry.

How in the hell am I supposed to be expected to care for others when I can’t even take care of myself? How am I expected to give to others when I don’t even have enough for myself? Am I supposed to just lower my expectations down to living in a dingy apartment with no Internet and the lights off and no dreams beyond a 40 oz a day? It should not be this hard to just be normal. I’m not even talking about anything special. Just a normal life.