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Linds # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 8:10 pm

@monkeyzazu you are thinking about it right, well said. Not to say that the others are wrong, but like @theskafish said it’s hard to provide for someone else when you’re just trying to stay above water yourself. It’s not that theskafish and I are bad people, it’s like Dave Ramsey said in that link I posted. You can get more return on an investment with 10% than the government can give back to you with the other 90%. Why why whyyyy would I want to give my money to the government to fund this program when I could invest that money, get back an amazing return, and help so many more people? Why help 1 person with something the government funded when I can help 9 personally?

The moral concept of Obamacare is great. The way it’s been executed, terrible.

After receiving my degree in International Business/Econ and Political Science, I decided that was not the route I wanted to take due to all of the crookedness. Everyone in DC is a zombie and even the good people eventually get turned when enough money is flashed in front of their face. I’m telling you because I’ve seen it. Those morons are so money hungry and greedy. There is no way they are looking out for any of our needs or the American people as a whole. They do not care, it’s all about the Benjamins for them! The thing that got me most upset about this whole affordable care act is that Obama is trying to fund this program because he wants all Americans to be healthy and have access to medical careā€¦ yet he signs the act to protect what is causing the most harm to American nutrition.. The act to protect Monsanto. The two acts contradict each other. Give Americans nutrient rich, wonderful, non-GMO foods and you will see so many diseases and health problems disappear.