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TheSkaFish # Posted on October 19, 2013 at 8:41 pm

@monkeyzazu, “Just because my government tells me to do something doesn’t mean I will, especially if it doesn’t make sense to me. ”

The problem is, like I said to Cody – if you refuse to pay, they will simply take it out of your paycheck AND add a fine on top of it, a fine which is set to increase every year. There’s no escape from this, save being able to buy insurance through your employer or by being rich enough not to care about this extra bill. I agree, there is definitely something more going on here, because if the government truly cared about the public health, they would provide better food for the people and enact tougher standards on junk food. The government is already fond of making substances illegal, so why then can you buy cigarettes all over the place? And why does the government allow companies who produce knowingly-harmful products like junk food and cigs to advertise all over the place, further encouraging consumption of harmful products and addiction to them? When you get sick from too much smoking and junk food you have to go to the hospital and guess what then – your premiums increase. Guess who gets more of your money every month for the rest of your life. Now multiply that times all the obese people and/or smokers…pretty sure that even with the increased hospital visits, insurance execs will be laughing all the way to the bank.

, “Give Americans nutrient rich, wonderful, non-GMO foods and you will see so many diseases and health problems disappear.”

That’s why I say proves the government’s intentions are less than noble. If they really wanted to solve the public health crisis, they’d go after the source. Not force everyone to buy insurance, while simultaneously leaving all the tools for self-destruction right where they’ve always been, visible and in reach. It’s perfect – profits from unhealthy products now in turn help increase profits from the insurance industry in the form of increased premiums due to more people being sick more often, now enforced by government muscle – it’s a symbiotic relationship at its finest. They’re all helping each other prey on us. I can almost guarantee that insurance lobbyists had a huge role to play in all this.