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Mr. Self # Posted on October 29, 2013 at 11:31 am

I agree with you @monkeyzazu. I’ve always viewed the proposed and now mandated health care act to be a “money grab”. Just as you explained, there is a lot of money going right into the pockets of … who knows? Due to healthily people being mandated to buy into this system. Feels like the end of a free country. Perhaps I am late to this one?

I make a decent living and have health care, which I pay $110/mo for via my employer. I’m willing to do this because I can afford it and in the long run, if the worst happens to me, it’s worth $1200 a year. However, I can think back to when I was struggling financially, which I still do at times, I would never even think to pay $100/mo on healthcare. That’s a big bill. I would just stay healthy, like I am now. I don’t think anyone should consider passing legislation based on “what if?” scenarios. What if you win the lottery? There’s two sides to every argument. What if you contract a flesh eating skin disease? Hey, that’s life. No one promised you anything. Do what you love, work hard, be excellent and take care of your health. How many people do this that you know of? If this was at the root of our culture, it would be a different country. But we’re becoming the “take a handout” country and it’s hurting everyone. I’d rather do for myself and risk consequence, but now I have no choice.

Overall, I see this move as extorting money from the American people through the rule of law. What makes me feel even more disenfranchised is to see how many people are upset about this, but can do nothing about it. Who do we call that will actually hear our voices and respond? The outcry would have to be tremendous… just look at what the March on Wall Street accomplished, nothing. Spawned a few good documentaries, but did nothing to rectify the ills of a very corrupt system. As long as the news says “the DOW is up” we go off to work feeling like everything might be ok, while taking no control over our destiny.

Personally, I think after a few years of being healthy and forking over your hard earned cash to Uncle Sam, people are going to detest this law. You take care of you, and I’ll take care of me. That’s America. Many people from all over the world come here with nothing, and they work hard and they make a life for themselves. That’s what this country is about. Now it’s being run like a business and debts are being called in on the good, hard working people of this country. Not cool.