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phanci3 # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 2:36 pm

True this is similar to what I commented on the actual blog post…
Men are objectified too. They are expected to be those superheros and all other masculine characteristics, and are looked down upon as much as women when they fail at their own genders expectations. I agree with much of this article but as a woman, acknowledge that men don’t got it as easy as we think they do.

I think the problem is gender expectations in general. Sure, those are all great things about being a woman that make some women be very happy, but not others. The women who find themselves wanting to succeed in the “mans world” find difficulty and discrimination. Or are there just less women leaders because less women even wanted to go for the job in the first place? The statistics about salary and other career-related inequalities could be a fallacy because women do not possess the same dog-eat-dog genes that men use to get on in that world. I think these things are blown out of proportion…all girly girls do not secretly wish they could dress manly and just dress up because society expects them to. I see plenty of women with jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers as their daily uniforms. Women who acknowledge and live out their lives in accordance with their masculine traits. I think we have all come far as far as being able to express and be who we are but progress can always be made.