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Jeslyn # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 10:56 am


I agree, most western men aren’t bitches. I don’t understand that.

Sure. But when you post a topic like that. And say why being a woman is fantastic. That created the notion of why men are fantastic. And really, everyone is fantastic.

When you do things like this though–it compares genders that shouldn’t be compared this way. We shouldn’t be approaching why we’re fantastic because of only womanly or manly qualities.

It is both. And different for each person. And a completely useless competition because there is no broad equality of this except within each gender. And those that are broadly equal have some learning to do.

It is a heavier topic than you thought.

This is one of the points of HE, other people challenging and making you rethink the way you think.

A good thing to practice all the time–but also realizing not everybody cares. Or should care. Some people need to not care and focus all their caring into other things.

Everyone is different, just like different cell functions in an organism. Different organisms in an ecosystem. Different elements in matter.

All working together.