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Manimal # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 12:26 pm

“The western men are not behaving like bitches! Where did you find this idea?” @prittii

Yes they are, something awful. They’re weak, irresponsible, dependent, gullible, easily offended, externally motivated, insecure, pathetic little wimps.
These are all BITCH TRAITS.
They’re the type of “men” that mother nature would kill because they’re lousy. The only reason they’re alive is because other men (and some women) like to keep them as pets. Nature deems them unworthy, thus they’re at the mercy of human husbandry. They’re bitches, there’s no denying it.

“from the first moment you can see the guy is not ideal, so no waste of time.” @prittii

Then what you want is money, not a man or his love. There’s a much more efficient way of doing that, though it’s frowned upon it’s still one of the oldest jobs :P

“Like I said before, women are sociable, entertaining and care takers.” @prittii

And so are men. Equally. Most social circles revolve around a man, and society is led by men. Most musicians, comedians, and such are men, and those movie/pop star girls are just performing stuff made primarily by men. Policemen, firefighters, and soldiers are all a type of care-taker role which is almost exclusively done by men.
I’m not saying men are better at those qualities, men and women just do it in different ways, but it’s a lousy argument to prove one side’s superiority is all I’m saying.

But there are other things where women are much better than men, and vice versa.

“I think its really attractive when a guy is powerful, strong, very intelligent, gentleman” @prittii

This is a direct contradiction to what you said earlier about western men, and about who’s quality and who’s not.

“Men can get turned on just looking at a woman naked (sometimes not even that – just the imagination do the work!), women need to be touched, physical, etc.” @prittii

Sure, a man gets turned on just looking at a naked woman IF SHE’S HOT, but that doesn’t mean he gets horny (unless he’s pathetic.) But the same thing goes for a woman, really, there are tons of studies claiming this. And how come girls go crazy for those good-looking guys in the movies and bands, eh? Because they get turned on by looking at them. Same thing for both genders.
Women don’t need to be touched, it just has more impact, but the same thing goes for men.
As for the imagination part, women do that A LOT MORE. Men generally don’t think much about things like this, our minds are simpler, emptier, more focused, less hungry for stimulation. That’s how a masculine mind works.

Most of that stuff about guys being horndogs and women being a bit “prude” is JUST SOCIAL CONDITIONING. It’s not in our nature, it’s in people’s MINDS. Because they listen too much to bullshit social conditioning and let it shape them (again, this is a bitch trait.)

“Men always have orgasm, women don’t… Some women don’t get even one orgasm during the whole life! I actually know a few that have problems with that… But women’s orgasm are stronger… and longer.” @prittii

Men don’t always orgasm, it’s just that most guys these days are so damn eager to get off due to the media sex craze.
Women not getting their orgasms is mostly due to two things, 1 Their own mental blocks, mostly caused by listening too much to social conditioining, and 2. Sleeping with lousy guys who aren’t actually attractive to her at a deep level, just superficial ego attraction or fear of being lonely.

Yes, women’s orgasms are longer and stronger, and their genitals are much more sensitive, they have more erogenous zones, can get much more horny, fall in love much deeper than men do, and so on.

Although, men can have really long orgasms too with practice. But they’re nothing compared to those of a woman.

I think you’re too concentrated on the surface stuff, which is mostly just caused by people’s egos and social conditioning. It doesn’t say much about the nature of the genders.