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Prittii # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 1:46 pm

@manimal, “Then what you want is money, not a man or his love.”

It’s nothing to do with money, it’s to do with respect and appreciation. So sorry if you want to find a woman to appreciate only your beauty and lack of gentleness, you better become gay… or low your standards in question of appearance.

“a man gets turned on just looking at a naked woman IF SHE’S HOT, but that doesn’t mean he gets horny (unless he’s pathetic.)”

Then porno wouldn’t exist.

“And how come girls go crazy for those good-looking guys in the movies and bands, eh? Because they get turned on by looking at them.”

I see you really understand teenager girls mind.

“Men don’t always orgasm, it’s just that most guys these days are so damn eager to get off due to the media sex craze.”

The ones I slept with always had…

“Yes, women’s orgasms are longer and stronger, and their genitals are much more sensitive, they have more erogenous zones, can get much more horny, fall in love much deeper than men do, and so on.

Did you notice your contradiction? In the other post you said men can also have multiple orgasms… now man can’t anymore?