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SBas # Posted on August 27, 2012 at 3:48 pm

@manimal THANK-YOU so much!! I read the above posts and felt such a strong fire inside of me to reply but I knew I’d spend a few hours doing it. Bravo for your rebuttle. And a good one it was

One point, I wouldn’t say it’s easier being a woman. You cannot compare things like that, it depends on the situation. Regarding jobs, men still tend to be prefered because there is no risk of them leaning for 12 months to have a child. In the law industry 60 % of women study law but only 2% get senior positions in firms…I mean come on!! But on the same page there are ridiculous constraints on men to behave a certain way, I agree totally. Similarily some men work their asses of only to come hone to complaints that their not doing enough and theirs nit enough money etc but it’s not always the case

One thing you have to agree on is the power imbalance is ingrained in our daily lives. These structures have not been dismantled, that’s why feminists are so vocal. A clear example – Domestic violence and rape is ‘gendered’ violence. It is about superiority and dominance. Societies all over the world still have not shaken off that theory that women are second to men ( hello, story of Adam and eve). And until things like domestic violence etc happen less in society then feminists will be able to say, yes equality is on it’s way.