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Manimal # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 1:53 pm

@prittii, Hey! That’s no way to discuss things.

And it looks like you have no counter arguments, is that true? If so, maybe you should reevaluate some stuff.


1. It’s not something we’re seeing less of, we see more of it. Marilyn was just the prototype, these human “dolls” are more common these days than ever before.

As for the reproduction part, sure it’s a solution for the overpopulation problem, but if a person doesn’t want to reproduce there’s definitely something missing. It’s one of the most basic drives, purposes if you will. Such a person is no longer fully human. More like a dull societal unit than a person. It’s painful to watch what people are becoming.

2. All fine and dandy quotes, but what’re they really saying? And who’s really saying them?

Sure she understood some things, but so does everyone. What’re you getting at with that?

I don’t have a bleak outlook on female icons, not at all. But I don’t like those hyped ones, for very good reasons. They’re not so much icons of womanhood as they’re icons of other things, and they’re really the nastiest kind of propaganda machines. She gets into men’s heads because she’s sexy, and she gets into women’s heads because “she’s such a cool female icon” (and because they dream of the attention she’s getting.)

She was just a doll. A human puppet. A thing, someone’s possession, a piece of property. A tool. That’s what that persona was created for, that and functioning as a “willing whore.”
These nasty role models are everywhere these days, both genders, and they’re all the same, and they’re all as nasty. It’s all just a fucking veneer, read between the lines, and you’ll see that they’re the worst role models you could imagine. And they were made for that very purpose.

This is starting to go off-topic though.