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Manimal # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:12 pm


1. Beauty and lack of gentleness, that’s not me. That’s not why the girls love me.
No need to lower my standards, nor would I ever do so, I already get what I want. As of now, I have an amazing girlfriend who’s also great looking. Never have I paid her way or anything like that, I’m not a fake piece of shit.

The guy who refuses to pay your way is not the one lacking respect and appreciation, YOU are, for expecting those things from him. How have you deserved those things from him in any sort of way? You haven’t. Any guy who would succumb to that shit is definitely a measly little pussy who’s only picked you because he’s desperate. I guess you enjoy mediocrity, seeing how that’s the choice you would make.

2. Yes, porn would exist. Porn is age-old, and it was never a male-only thing. The reason why porn is more associated with men is because of social conditioning. And just so you know, lots of women watch porn, they just don’t speak openly about it. Because of social conditioning.
Porn is more than nudity though, it’s actual hardcore sex yknow.

3. It’s not just teenage girls, you can see this stuff in all age groups. And btw, teenage girls are the most feminine ones anyway and thus the prime examples for discussion.

4. I bet you feel real proud of that, huh? But guess what, those guys who fucked you do not provide reasonable empirical data. It’s an invalid point.

5. What the hell are you talking about? I never said men can’t go multiple, you made that up. We can, and some of us do, I do.

Umm, now do you have any actual counter arguments?