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Jeslyn # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 2:43 pm


I didn’t mean planned reproduction in that sense. Though sure, makes sense.

I mean planned being–a couple with financial stability, shelter, and life experience/wisdom bringing a child into the world.


Children bringing children into the world due to lack of planning or education (birth control)

Not always bad–but with lower rates of success in humans that contribute to humanity. Some can make it work but only with lots of support from wise people who help them. Without that…well. You know.

Misogynistic. As in you take this male superiority standpoint. Neither gender is superior. Men are biologically given an advantage in social dominance–does not mean they are superior when our lifespans are now 80+ years and women can learn to employ the same strategies men inherit from their genetic primal ancestry.

Only physically are things definitely skewed and not at all balanced. But
There are female bodybuilders, who can out perform a lot of men. Gymnasts. We are good at different things and when we mix art and strength–female gymnastics and dance.

When men mix technology with feminine emotional intuition–we get social media, this website, graphic design.

Great things come from thinking that no gender is superior. Female physical strength creates different things than male physical strength. Male sensitivity and emotions create different things than female sensitivity and emotions. Because you can bring the very genetically familiar into the unfamiliar.