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Prittii # Posted on August 28, 2012 at 3:33 pm

@manimal, LOL! Man… You are so funny!

“Any guy who would succumb to that shit is definitely a measly little pussy who’s only picked you because he’s desperate.”

All my friends think like me… We are women only for the desperate men!

“Yes, porn would exist. Porn is age-old, and it was never a male-only thing.”

Baaaahhh! Bolox!

“btw, teenage girls are the most feminine ones anyway and thus the prime examples for discussion.”

Yes! Teenager girls like Twilight, because there is no sex and the guy say he only wants sex after marriage.

“I bet you feel real proud of that, huh?”

Well, I’m proud I don’t sleep with “brochas” (as we say in Brazil!)… Yea! Men with low sex drive are definitely not attractive!

“We can, and some of us do, I do.”

Please, define “multiple orgasm”… How does it feel?