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Cody # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Sounds like you’ve been watching spirit science.

Most of those ancient sites were inhabited for a long time and still are, though maybe not exactly on the same location. The ruins are usually layered, sometimes they find 4-5 different societies stacked on top of each other as they evolved and rebuilt through time.

United States hasn’t existed for very long, not nearly as long as some ancient civilizations lasted. But even before we formed, the natives were living here. I agree history seems to show that nothing lasts forever, so eventually United States would succumb or evolve into something new. But it’s hard to imagine what that would be or how the “ancient united states” will look in the future. The earth is so populated now that there’s not much space left to move to or occupy. It would take a mass death event to recycle society again. If that doesn’t happen, we already record our history in the present and have computers to store data, so nothing will every be lost and there won’t be an archaeology team digging up century old sky scrapers and trying to understand how they lived

I totally believe the possibility that we’re reincarnated and forgetful of our true existence just as we’re forgetful of our dreams each new day. But I think it’s a little extreme to say a group of people caused that by trying to leave earth and creating a rift in dimensions or something. We hardly understand time and space as it is, so I’d have to see a lot of evidence before believing something like that. Interesting theories though and I’m sure the truth is a lot more wild than we can imagine.