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Anonymous # Posted on October 21, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Ancient civilisation are the ground we walk on, the ideas we used and created upon. We are that civilisation that has forgot about the natural law of time creation, today we could say our DNA in old days we could say the numerology of natural law. Divine thought in a sense of using imagination,- market our future.

In a sense it is only us that moves and space that grows,- and our neurological pathways to grow within its growth.

So in a sense ancient cultures are around us, within us, we forgot that we are timeless, we have indoctrinated ourselves with a system that tells us what it is rather then learning why it is. so one can learn from why, instead of how…. it is the question you ask yourselves that relates to the nature,- we are nature,- understanding a year of nature tells us why our emotions fluctuate,- as above so below…[email protected], @aarow,

Understanding our immediate surroundings,- mimicking,- growing to mimick is how we got lost and machined to listen to an elite that is steeling from us.