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daveb # Posted on June 4, 2012 at 10:14 am

@mikeyw829, that is a great question, I have no answer. A couple of weeks back I posted a question as to whether or not it was a good thing that I enjoy watching the sun rise. that’s not to say I get all bummed out on a rainy day so if there’s any dependency it’s small, but still, I wonder . . .

there’s another half of that thought that I am having difficulty putting into words so let’s try this . . . I like to eat food that tastes good. I had a friend I lived with for a few years after college who didn’t see the point. he would eat these bland mash-ups of whatever – fuel is fuel. we were both healthy eaters but for him eating is a necessary chore, to be completed as efficiently as possible. for me, eating is a necessary chore – and so I enjoy the process of cooking and eating.

in the same way, right now I have the desire (so much for eliminating desire from my heart) to enjoy life, experience the full range of emotions. and if that means drawing something from my surroundings, I’m OK with that. it may well be more enlightened or whatever for me to transcend that, but I don’t feel the need. I don’t need anyone else to make some kind of entertainment or product, so I’m as independent as I think I need to be but probably not as independent as I could be. if stoic detachment means losing the range of emotions that for me is part of being human, count me out. maybe you and I are both searching for a third option.

does that make sense?