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Ray Butler # Posted on October 30, 2013 at 2:59 am

My ultimate point is that the obsession we have with truth causes us to narrow our view, that we miss an entire universe of possibilities that grant a perspective to the nature of reality that serves us in ways, I will not say superior to truth, but alternative, a different paradigm.

I ask why WW2 is so important to us? It is a page of history we can learn from, granted, but that doesn’t explain our single minded obsession with it, our prejudice toward it. It is not fundamental to our nature, a person is loving because it is their nature, this has nothing to do with WW2, so again, why is it such a foundation of offense to people?

A lot of Jews died in WW2, this is not so much a sympathy case for Jews but it is a warning against genocide across the board, to make it about Jews is to perpetuate the distinctions that divide humanity.

People have their cultural identity, and that culture is a beautiful thing that should not be destroyed, but do not confuse culture with Race, Religion or Nationality, where culture is a difference that unites humanity, Race, Religion and Nationality only serves to divide us into categories.

The real tragedy of WW2 is that so many unique individual human beings died or were killed. In perspective; an individual is as important as the collective because without individuals there would not be a collective, without the importance of individuals there would be no point to having a society.

So in this sense it is a case of losing loved ones, some time ago but I will admit that time has no bearing on mourning, memory does, and the fact is that living memory and archived records have a measure of separation.