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VIII # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 9:13 pm

@trek79, right, and forgive my ignorance. i’m not a racist but i have had a troubling time empathizing with greedy world leaders. wwII makes me curious seeing as though hitler was jewish and it seemed to be mainly poor people who were killed. maybe that’s not correct but i remember reading about the ghettos most jews were forced into, and before that the wealthy enough families would leave (if they didn’t have too much pride for their homeland) as i understand it, a large portion of the israeli population near mecca came during (or after) the second great war. this would make sense if you wanted to fuck with the muslims who sought this as their holy land. but it’s a mess of a story that has fighting stemming far before hitler’s whole ordeal. i DO think most of it was money-based seeing as though project paper clip brought over nazi scientists into america after the war.