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Aristarchus of Samos # Posted on October 27, 2013 at 9:33 pm

@trek79, I think Hitler and the Fascists (National Socialists), had more motivation to start the war. Although I think someone would have started it if not for them. But just as you eluded to, Germany was facing staggering national debt, runaway inflation, and little hope of fixing these issues anytime soon due to the loss of their colonies after ww1, which was a source of cheap raw materials, and their controlled foreign markets. The Allies apparently purposefully sabotaged the German economy to make sure they would not be global power to contend with anytime soon.

Hitler and the Fascists began their economic recovery by destroying the labor movement in Germany, and put the remaining unions under state control. This ensured cheap labor, so that private entities could afford to increase national production. This body of cheap labor was supplemented by political dissident Germans, and any Germans that didn’t meet the Fascist racial and political standards, Jews, Gypsies , Socialists, Communists, etc. Many of these dissidents were sent to labor camps as virtual slave labor, which was an added boost for the economy of Nazi Germany. This body of cheap and slave labor could only help the German economy recover partially, the necessity for an imperialist agenda to acquire more cheap labor, and cheap raw materials, was necessary to complete the recovery. Thus began the invasion of the lesser European powers.

To me the success of the National Socialist (Fascist) economic recovery, was not due to a better economic policies than traditional capitalist nations, or of Socialist/Communist nations. But to increased brutality and a lowered perception of human rights. Slavery is always an economic option, but one which the majority of people and nations maintain a pretense against, that is why I perceive the post ww1 German economic recovery as being far from Genius, and dependent on war and conquest, deprivation and exploitation, which ultimately started ww2.

As far as the racial purity agenda, it ultimately served the economic agenda of the Nazi’s and German corporations. I think by separating owner from worker, racially superior to racially inferior, those with rights and those without. It also created the perfect pretext to their imperialist war agenda. Instead of fight for cheap raw materials and labor, it was fight for the purity and domination of the master race.