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Anonymous # Posted on October 28, 2013 at 4:18 am

@trek79, The notion of Hitler being an icon of evil in modern society for killing millions of Jews in the timeline of WWII is kind of exaggerated. What about the Russian Gulags? What about Japan? Japan definitely killed more than the Nazis, in more sadistic ways.

“Capitalist interests were obviously threatened by such a system”

Agree, and I am going for a wild opinion, that the same insecurity continued throughout the Cold War and still lingers to this day in a macro or micro scale.

“The thing was; Fascism, on the ground, existed as a mechanism to inspire national pride and fuel the work force, while National Socialism was the machine. It was not so much racially motivated as it was the equivalent to Patriotism.”

Agree. How could have Hitler been capable of such feats without the support of the masses? Pretty much the whole world was racist back then, it was obvious. It was only a matter of igniting that fire to gain the people’s loyalty.